My work. The things I've planned, researched, designed, built, tested and maintained.

Featured projects

Full case studies for each project are on their way - Please bear with me while I pull them all together.


So far this year…

January - October

ControlWorks comms – Capita SSS

My first major project at Capita is a close look at one of the most fundamental interactions in the ControlWorks application - receiving and processing incoming emergency contacts from the public. This has necessitated a deep-dive into radio and telephony APIs and their related UIs (or lack of them). I should be busy for a while yet.

External home page – University of Bath

The external home page ( hadn't seen a redesign in almost 10 years. It was starting to resemble an untouchable relic of some bygone era of the web.

Over a 6 month period, starting in late 2018, I headed up a small team of designers, devs and content creators tasked with making this long-neglected page relevant again.

The Hairforce products – The Hairforce

I've been taking a closer look at The Hairforce's brand new range of products. A large part of my work has been liasing with a London design agency and working out how to extend their brand design concepts into a fully-fledged online presence.

I've also been kept busy building the Hairforce design system in Sketch (and Sketch Cloud).

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The day job

In April 2019 I started as a Senior User Experience designer at Capita Secure Software Solutions.

I'm currently working on complex UX and UI challenges for Capita SSS's flagship software, ControlWorks.

Freelance and side projects

I try to keep my hand in with a number of personal and freelance projects running concurrently with my day job.

I offer UI, UX and IA consultancy and support for long-standing Karyx and Nsource clients.

Before that…

Between 2014 and early 2019 I was a User Experience designer at the University of Bath.

I was part of the small agile team responsible for all aspects of design and front-end development across the main university website.

And way back in the day…

I was making interactive CD-Roms for the BBC and Carlsberg-Tetley at MousePower in 1996, designing animated e-learning for BP at Nsource in 2000, and creating user-focused, content-driven websites for third sector organisations like the Ethical Trade Initiative and Refugee Action at Karyx until 2013.