2018 Rewind The University of Bath and The Hairforce.

You're in the past! Want something a bit more… current?


So far this year…


External home page – University of Bath

Untouched for almost 10 years, and apparently containing one of the oldest active bits of Javascript on the entire internet, the UoB external home page is a political hot-potato. With so many stakeholders involved the home page has always been torn between differing priorities and requirements. The update had been on the roadmap for years but every previous concept or prototype had fallen at the first hurdle - no-one could agree on the content. Statistically we could tell that the home page is fallen in importance to potential students as they were entering the site directly at departmental or course level.

Over the last few months of 2018, and in to 2019, I worked to produce a number of new concepts testing out prototypes built in Principle and Adobe Xd. Working quickly, I started getting these prototypes in front of as many people as we could. We iterated based on the feedback and, ever so slowly, a home page started to take shape.


Staff/Students landing pages – University of Bath

Two vital, but oft-overlooked, internal landing pages finally get some love and attention. We start with a series of interviews with key users, an online card sort to clarify terminology and cut down on jargon, usability sessions and a multivariate test through Google Optimize to round things off.

Research degrees in Typecase for Courses – University of Bath

Research degrees, sometimes known as doctoral programmes, are a further level of research-led study available at the university. I've been working closely with the Doctoral College to understand the differences in structure, terminology and approach between research degrees and their undergraduate cousins.

Mobile navigation prototyping – The Hairforce

Now the initial wireframes for the Hairforce service site are complete we can get in some testing with our InVision-powered mobile prototype over November.

August - September

Content model mapping – University of Bath

Working through our orginal content types and planning out their transition from the Origins design system to Lens. Mapping out content structures, identifying potential new components and features and honing user stories for the product backlog.

Events content type – University of Bath

Reviewing and prioritising user feedback from previous iterations and research sessions. Designing a new layout smooth out the event booking experience. Also, incorporating microdata at template level to make sure uni events are returned as rich results in search engines.

Site-switching – The Hairforce

What’s the smoothest, easiest way to help a visitor navigate seamlessly between between different co-branded sites? Taking a deep dive into The Hairforce's customer journeys to figure out where and when, if ever, cross-site switching makes sense.

May - June

Improving mobile navigation - University of Bath

This is now live! Take a look at https://www.bath.ac.uk/courses

The current implementation, a tiered, fixed navigation is so big it obscures almost all page content on smaller devices. This is obviously far from ideal. I’m testing out some quick nav prototypes built with InVision Studio to get an idea of what might work.

Identifying user journeys - The Hairforce

Getting to the nitty-gritty of smoothing out user flows for the upcoming new Hairforce site.